Try A New, Trendy Hairstyle

We provide styles like hair fades in El Paso, TX

There's no reason to stop at simply trimming your hair down to size. You can go for a new, personalized look when you visit New Generations Barber Shop for a hair cut. Our skilled barbers can stylize your hair with all kinds of trendy looks, including contemporary hair fades. Instead of creating an abrupt hairline, a fade gradually shortens the length of your hair, giving you a natural and striking appearance.

Our barbers in El Paso, TX are very experienced with men's fade haircuts and will make sure you get the unique look you want so you can feel confident and incredible. Visit our barber shop today to stylize your hair.

Know exactly what you want?

When you come to our barber shop, you don't have to ask for a fade and hope for the best. We understand that there are many types of hair fades, and we'll create the specific look you want. You can describe the look you want to your barber or even bring in a photograph of the exact style you're going for. We'll make sure you leave looking picture-perfect.

Learn more about men's fade haircuts by calling us at 915-502-6156.