Enjoy the Cleanest Shave of Your Life

Try our hot towel shave in El Paso, TX

Does anyone like shaving? You go through all the effort of lathering your face and being as careful as possible, only to end up with sensitive skin and probably a few knicks and cuts anyway. If you're trying to get cleaned up, consider a hot towel shave at New Generations Barber Shop.

We offer professional men's shaving services at our barber shop in El Paso, TX and will give you a close, smooth and comfortable shave you'll love. You won't have to fumble around in front of a mirror-just sit back, relax and enjoy the comfortable hot towel sensation while we go to work.

Take your shaving experience to the next level. Visit our barber shop for men's shaving services today.

How a hot towel shave is different

You might think a shave is a shave. But a hot towel shave will leave you looking and feeling your best. The process is straightforward:

  1. First, we'll put a hot towel around your face for a few minutes
  2. While you relax, the heat and moisture softens your skin and hair
  3. Our expert barber will lather your face with quality shaving cream to lift the hair
  4. Then, we'll carefully shave your face to make sure every hair is cut as closely as possible without harming your skin
Treat yourself to a superior shave. Stop by New Generations Barber Shop today or call 915-502-6156 now.